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Why Am I So Popular On Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat And Twitter

I have more than five thousand friends on Facebook, and the stats are equally ravishing for Twitter, Sanpchat and Insta. Guys, I keep thinking of the reasons that make me a little more famous than my cousins and friends. And after pondering for a good while, I have arrived at this conclusion that the credit for my tiny popularity goes to none other than the most dynamic women I know, my mother. She is the one who’s got me all that fame.

How, here are the points


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My Vision

I have had her company for the longest time in my life. Being a kid, I observed her, and in the process, I learned from her the art of seeing things differently and responding accordingly. I get 1000 likes on each post on an average, but the vision that you guys admire, I have acquired it from my mother. So, you can say I am just an extension of her.


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My Style

People often say nice things about the way I carry myself. Now guys, honestly I never go shopping. I hate entering malls and exploring stuff. It’s my mother who is always doing all the purchasing for me. She has got the right sense of colours and style, and I don’t know how she is so well updated with latest trends. So don’t ask me in comments—where did I get that pair of jean or those sunglasses. Ask mumma!


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My Relationships

I have great relationships. As I have already mentioned that I have spent most time of my life with mom, so I have learnt a majority of things from her. I keenly observed her attitude towards friends and family; how she dealt with all her responsibilities. Nothing could ever affect her without her consent. I just have followed her footsteps and life’s been awesome. I have a really nice circle of my own to spend quality time.


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My Music

I share a lot of videos of myself covering songs on guitar. I get a thousand views and encouraging comments. My friends admire me for the fact that I am really passionate about the instrument. But the truth is I have learned passion from mom. She loves writing, and when she is writing a story, she goes on to write at a stretch for 12- 14 hours. Due to constant sitting, her back would ache, but she would spray Volini and continue. So, I also knew I had to ignore the pain that my fingertips felt after rigorously running on six metal strings. 🙂

Guys, that’s my success story. Share yours! Who has your inspiration?



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