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5 Skincare Mistakes Which People Having Oily Skin Must Avoid!

Anyone of any age can deal with the problem of shiny patches and excess oil that skin produces. But when comes to dealing with oily skin, you are probably handling more than the just shiny nose. From stress to weather & even your menstruation cycle there are plenty of things that can make our skin oily.


But there are still some skin blunders that you should avoid to rock your oil free face!

1. Using harsh cleansers: Products having high acidic factors can harm your skin; apply a foaming gel cleanser that is sulphate free to avoid any further dryness. You should especially avoid oil based cleaners and go for the once that are designed or oily skin.


2. Over–exfoliation: Exfoliation is undoubtedly one of the best skin tips for oily skin. All the experts would agree that gentle exfoliation will remove excess grease & bring a fresh new glow on your face. But if you exfoliate too often our skin can dry out which will lead to the excess of oil being produced. Just exfoliate once or twice in a week even if you have oily skin.


3. Makeup mistakes: Say yes to gel based and oil free make up. Do not try to cover your face with so many layers of makeup as it is going to block your pores.


4. Not using moisturiser: When you have oily skin you do not feel any need to apply moisturiser, but when you skip moisturiser altogether, you are likely to make your oily skin problem even worse. So use a product which is designed for oily skin and use it daily.


5. Using drying toners: Using oil strippers is not a good idea as they will strip out excess oil from your face and will increase the production of your natural oils. Switch to natural plant based astringents like cucumber juice or rose water. They are much more efficient on oily skin.




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