Fresh Ways To Add Colours To Your Boring Walls

Fresh Ways To Add Colours To Your Boring Walls

With the festive season just around the corner, it is impossible to get your home repainted. In such a short time all you can do is follow our DIYs and give your boring wall a revamp.
Painting gives a fresh feel to your space; the place looks amazing especially if you pick bright colours. However, you can achieve the same feels at home without having to go through all the messy process that tags along with painting. All you need is an inspiration and a little bit of creativity.

1. Use colourful scrapbook sheets: Creating wall art with bright scrapbook sheets are the best way to add colours to your home. They brighten up your space in no time. It is one of the cheapest, yet effective for instant decor.


2. Add dazzling coloured curtains: Adding curtains not only gives you the much-needed privacy but also brings an instant splash of colour.


3. Use faux flowers: One of the classiest way of decorating your walls. Put some brightly coloured faux flowers to revamp the boring wall with much pain.


4. Use huge wall hanging: One of the most followed ways to hide that boring wall is to put a massive wall hanging on it. Boho wall hangings are in trend these days, and you can easily select a bright one for your wall.


5. Create a gallery wall: A gallery wall not only allows you to display your cute little pictures but fills up your walls instantly. Choose colourful frames to highlight your wall.





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