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Adjust No More

Surviving in a nation with a whopping population of 1.252 billion demands quite an adjustment, but it’s alright—we can deal with it smiling. But there are areas where there is no scope for adjustment—and we only have our finger raised right on your face.


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Judge What I Wear—Why is my attire a problem? From Bollywood Celebs to YouTube influencers, everybody gets to wear what they want – why is the Aam janta taxed with judgements. “Beta, kaise kapde pehne hai” “Aapki beti kaise kapde pehnti hai”…Time to say “Aunty, saree is your jam & crop tops are mine”!


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The Whistle Vs. Kiss —Paan ka thook, whistle ki bhook, all is forgiven. Just in case some poor sod gets some love or a few girlfriends kiss, now that’s a national issue! Come on guys—grow up!


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Hypocrisy —Dear Rajiv, write an FB message, Tweet some love. What’s the need to write that on the walls of monuments? Can we stop adjusting to appalling heart shaped love letters on monuments in our country?


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Comparision – “70% number aaaye hai iske, 70%. Malhotra ji ke ladke ke bina tuition 85% marks aaye hai. Ab mohalle me mazaak banega humara.” This is tragic, and it happens in a majority of Indian homes. The obsession with how the society would perceive us and status. Youngsters, you need not adjust to such remarks. Do what you know, you can do the best.


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Hate mail, oh Hello– So, if I hate an actor you Mr.Troll will definitely find time to tweet to me and bring a whole brigade behind you to destroy my social channels? All one did was write down an opinion. Why the hate dear India? This practice isn’t healthy and will cause severe damage in the long run. The only solution is no more adjusting.


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Daily Soaps: Had Salvador Dali been alive, he would have burned down all his creations and stood with his head bowed down in front of TV producers. The surreal shit these directors and scriptwriters are pouring to the masses is another level. Can we please stop adjusting to mediocre prime time television dear India? Who wants to watch Simar behave like she’s mythologically epic in her sasuraal!  Stand up and shoot your opinion and reviews—you have got social media—the giant megaphone.


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Reservation – Jab country secular hai, toh AdjustNoMore to what you don’t like. Be brave little soldier.




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