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To All The Adrenaline Junkies, Here’s Where You Should Head Out Next!

Sudden changes in water level, soaring sides and seasonal variations makes this pool in Hawaii a ‘Pool Of Death’.
Ideally located in Hawaii’s Kipu Falls along the stream of Huleia is the most dangerous pool anyone ever swam in. According to locals this could either be your once in a lifetime swim’ or the ‘last swim of your life.’

The ‘Pool of Death’ is an unnerving indication of the risks on the huge island. This video of a few children bouncing and swimming in these slippery waters ought to make you flinch.

Local Hawaiians and different local people know for a fact that fluctuating tides and regular changes can make this either the swim of a lifetime or the end of your life at once. When you see exactly how much the pool changes in only a brief period you’ll know why it’s a bounce best left to local islanders.



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