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All About Nationalism!

Why saffronisation has become synonymous with nationalism? I mean tune into any news channel and abhorrent statements coming from representatives of the people — chosen by the people–will leave you shit scared. Such nationalism is going to jeopardise the cultural unity of our nation.


Its 2017 and we cant be engaging in a god damn ‘ROIT’. We millenials better than anybody know the worth of TIME and LIFE–and on top of that we are clearly aware of the class of intellect of these fanatics. To pay heed to what they say–our intellect will have to jump from the height of Burj Khalifa.

Muslims are Muslims later–first, they are humans. I will never hate a Muslim, I will hate the terrorists, the dehshatgards, and the so-called leaders. I will rage a war against the army and the government of Pakistan–who are just being mute spectators to the suffering of their people. I will not bomb Pakistan and kill the Balochs and the citizens of Lahore and Islamabad because they are people just like me. What America did in Syria, Afganistan, etc–the leaders who took these shots should be publically executed like Saddam Hussein.

I heard a fanatic addressing a gathering and he said, “All Muslims should go to Pakistan.”


Dude–Pakistan is not a different country–it’s a part of India. Sadly, it’s 70 years now that we have been apart though still actively involved thanks to wars, infiltration and terrorism. Pakistan is and always will be a part of India and in 30 decades, it will be a millennium–when we go without doing anything to mend the damage. British played the trick- they succeeded in killing millions and if we continue without taking the right steps –they will again take advantage of it.

This is what I call nationalism albeit of a different which cow vigilante groups can take a cue from and reset their agenda to take on the colonial might and redeem our nation’s respect if not the looted wealth.



Shubhendu Punj

Teri ek boond ka pyaasa mai---o pyaar ke sagar!

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