Alternate Endings To Bollywood Movies That Are So Good

These Alternate Endings To Bollywood Movies Are So Bad That They Are Good

We are all suckers for happy endings in Bollywood movies and wouldn’t settle for anything less. The movie is incomplete if the hero and the heroine don’t get together after some dramatic climax. And live happily ever after. Except here, we give these movies, some not-so-happily-ever-after-endings.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge 

Simran and Raj and the iconic train scene- the trio made the best movie of the decade. Let’s admit, we had our fingers crossed, hoping Simran would hold Raj’s hand and get on the train. But what if we told you, there could be another ending, more dramatic.

What if Bauji has a heart attack just before Simran is about to leave and she rushes back to her father whose last wish is to see her married to Kuljeet. Raj is devastated to see this and decides to marry Preeti and live in the same house as Kajol and Kuljeet.

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Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Rahul And Anjali, best friends who meet after 8 years and realise their love. Anjali is engaged to Aman who knows she loves somebody else. But when Aman sees Rahul, he becomes the cupid and lets Anjali go to Rahul. And, also dances at their wedding.

What if, Aman is still the cupid and sends Anjali to Rahul, but Anjali interrupts. She blames Rahul for not acknowledging her love 8 years ago and denies to marry him. Instead, she chooses Aman because he has always been there for her. Coz you know, Pyaar Dosti Hai.

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Hum Aapke Hai Kaun

Tuffy, the white Pomeranian, plays the cupid and gives Nisha’s letter to Rajesh. Earlier, when Pooja was on her death bed, she points at Prem and Nisha, hoping her family understands their love.

What if, Pooja pointed at Prem and Nisha, but her parents thought she was pointing at Rajesh and Nisha and ultimately marry them since it was Pooja’s death wish. And Salman keeps mum because, Sanskaar!


Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

A crazy movie about lovers separated by family, and the girl being married to a shy stranger. Vanraj finds out that his wife Nandini, loves another guy, Sameer and so takes his wife to Italy in search of her love.

Nandini came back to Vanraj only because she realised how much she loved and respected Vanraj now. But what if, Nandini comes back to Vanraj just because Sameer had married an Italian woman and she has nowhere to go but her husband.

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Kal Ho Na Ho

Poor Aman is going to die and therefore wants the girl who he secretly loves, Naina, to marry her best friend, Rohit. He makes the plan ‘7 din, ladki in’ so that Naina can fall in love with Rohit and they both marry after he dies.

Another interesting ending would be Naina actually falling head over heels in love with Rohit. Meanwhile, Aman finds out that his operation works and he is not going to die. He goes to Naina to confess his love and tell the truth but, alas! Naina is now going to marry Rohit. ‘7 din, ladki in’ actually worked!

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Dil Toh Pagal Hai

Another love story where a friend falls for another friend and has a heartbreak. Nisha loves Rahul secretly, but Rahul is in love with Pooja, a new girl, who is engaged to marry Ajay. The movie ends with Nisha and Ajay sacrificing their love for Rahul and Pooja.

Now, it would be more interesting if Nisha plays a bitch here and tricks Rahul to marry her by faking suicide attempts. Rahul can’t see his friend Nisha so miserable and agrees to marry her. Aakhir, dil toh pagal hi hai.

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3 Idiots

Sorry for killing the movie, but it would be crazy to have an entirely unexpected ending to this movie. Raju dies after falling off Virus’s office, Farhan’s parents throw away his camera and blackmail him to continue pursuing engineering. And Rancho has the weirdest end ever. He earns the college degree for his master’s son and goes back to doing his menial job at his house because unka bohot ehsaan hai mere pariwaar pe.

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Gautam is a fucktard who sleeps around with girls, here Veronica, who is an outgoing independent girl and later wants to marry her friend, Meera, a simple desi girl. Veronica plays the bigger person her and takes Gautam to Meera because she wants her friends to be happy.

A more realistic ending would be Veronica and  Meera realising the hypocrite that Gautam is and at the end both of them ganging against him to teach him a lesson.

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