Anil Kapoor's New Haircut Shows How To Rock Even At 59!

Anil Kapoor’s New Haircut Is Something You Must Try Out This Winter

There’s no denying that Anil Kapoor is one of the most iconic dudes in Bollywood, and everybody knows how this guy doesn’t age! The guy is 59 and looks younger than most of my fellow mates.


It all started one fine day when Anil Kapoor decided to get rid of his boring hair. The new haircut is trendy and on-point. He tweeted  the photo of his new look and people lost their minds. In the picture he tweeted looks nothing close to ‘Effing 59’.
He was on his way to  the Impact Person of the Year 2016 award ceremony, where he was invited as a chief guest. 


Fans have no reason to not to love this handsome man! Here are the praises from colleagues and fans:







I wish I could look half as young as This Man at 25!








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