How We Annoy People Without Realising It

How We Annoy People Without Realising It

Are you interested in knowing several things we all do that are considered annoying or irritating? No matter how perfect we think we are, there are certain things that we do which make people roll their eyes. These little social faux pas upsets others, and we aren’t even aware of it!
Since you aren’t aware of it, you need an honest opinion in your life, and then a couple of small shifts in the behaviour can help you alter those little annoying habits. Well, here are few common irritating habits, we all need to work on.

Cutting people in middle while they are speaking


It might not be an intentional interrupting, but people do get annoyed when you cut them in the middle. Watch yourself, be aware when you cut someone off. Start apologising; this will help you slow done.

Your whining and complaining attitude


Yes, we are all tired, we all are tired and have a headache, but people always whining and complaining can be annoying to others. If you have this trait, then you need to stop immediately because sometimes all you can do is to accept what is happening around and deal with it.

Always cancelling out plans in last minute


While you might think that it is okay to cancel plans, but it is not. It is an irritating habit and gets under people’s skin. If you keep cancelling out plans, your friends will consider you an unstable person.
Taking pauses, saying “ummm” all the time


Let’s take an example; you are narrating an interesting story, and everyone is eager the end. But then you suddenly start
filling in your sentences with “uhs” and “ummm”. This is called vocalised pauses, which is very much irritating for the listeners. So, it’s okay to correct your thoughts silently.
Not listening to others when they talk


People can tell whether you are listening to them or not. Maybe because you are constantly looking for your phone or you are dreaming about something else, and that’s really not cool. Focus on other person’s words when they are talking to you.



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