Beards Are Attracting Medical Attention For Having These Health Benefits!

Beards Are Attracting Medical Attention For Having These Health Benefits!

Beards have been the mainstay for men since long for being super edgy and raw. Dedicating whole month to brush and tame the pleasant face fuzz is a tough task, but the result is worth every second you have spent, now even medically!

Apart from eye pleasing quality, many real benefits are attached to it. And no benefits don’t include “being able to tickle people with your face”.

1. Natural sun and bug bite protection

If you are a proud owner of man manes insanely growing on your face, then congratulations you have raised a natural sun and bug protection for your face.  Recent studies show that 95% of UV rays that can cause cancer are blocked by beards. Now who wouldn’t want some natural protection, right?




2. Say goodbye to those cruel allergies

Just like your nasal hair, beard acts as a “natural barrier” and protects you from pollen, dust, and other nasty allergens.




3. Saves you from having shaving cuts & acne

Growing beard stops you from shaving, and you no longer have to worry about bacterial infections, ingrown hair, acne, and folliculitis. Throw your razor away and enjoy the smooth skin underneath your rug!




4. Keeps your skin happy and moisturised

The beard prevents your skin by being dried away by the sun and helps in retaining all the moisture. That’s why it is advisable not to use harsh soap on your beard.




5. Beard = No UV rays= fewer wrinkles

Sun doesn’t affect your skin so badly because of your beard. Look younger with lesser sun exposure on your skin.




6. They help prevent illness

The thick facial beard helps you in keeping you warm and helps you battle cold. Who wants a scarf when you have your own sexy thing!




As they say “Growing a beard is a habit most natural, scriptural and beneficial.”




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