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Twitter New-Bee ‘Bitchy Dadi’ Trolled Kamaal R Khan So Much That He Had To Block Her

Kamaal Rashid Khan, popularly (or not) known as KRK is the star of Twitter and his handle will leave you in splits. From sending offensive and abusive tweets to half of the country to trolling just anyone, he has proven himself as an infamy, obnoxious man on Twitter. Remember the instance when KRK tweeted a raunchy comment on Lisa Haydon’s picture of her hanging from a basketball basket. Distasteful.

But Twitter is about fun and we cannot but help following him for his sleezy yet crazy tweets. He once tweeted that his drinking water comes from Belgium. Yeah, why not KRK. And oh, he calls himself ‘lajawaab launda’ and as one of his tweets read, ”Girls hold your heart because Aaj Laundaa Gazab Lag Raha hai”, we know he adores himself way to much.

The trolling business on Twitter is always pure entertainment and this time it was self-proclaimed superstar KRK’s turn. He was trolled, and trolled BADLY by a new bee with Twitter handle @BitchyDadi so badly that KRK could not take it anymore and blocked her the next day itself.

This is BitchyDadi and she looks adorably bitchy. And next to her is the message she recieved after KRK blocked her.


Here is how BitchyDadi took a dig on KRK:

KRK dared to think that ‘few people know how to use him in a positive way’ and BitchyDadi made it clear to us in the most hysterical way possible.

When KRK gives you options, make your own.

Like this

And this


BitchyDadi loves calling KRK ullu ka pattha because he is one.

She did not even spare the king of Twitter and veteran actor Rishi Kapoor . Mr Kapoor was just having fun when he posted this:

And BitchyDadi, like any other Indian parent and grandparent, quickly suggested marriage.

Thank God, Chintu ji was a sport here and did not block BitchyDadi.

Kuch seekh, KRK. 

So this dadi is superbitchy and I sure love her, though we may not be able to see her troll KRK anymore. Damn you, KRK. I really hope she comes back soon, you know like BitchyDadiReturns  and resume her trolling business. Check out BitchyDadi here.




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