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Some Of The Bizarre Death Superstitions From Around The World

Do you avoid black cats or walking under a ladder?
Do you believe firmly in superstitions or mostly overlook them?

Whatever your stance on superstitions is, it’s fear is something all of us fall for. Most superstitions are associated with death, because of which it gather blind followings. Here is a list of many such eerie superstitions associated with an oncoming death.

Birds signal Death

In many countries, birds are considered ominous and a harbinger of death. An owl hooting over your head at night means death. It is also believed that watching six crows together will bring death.

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The butterfly of death superstition

Associating moths with death dates back to the Aztecs. There is a firm belief in South America that a moth in house means someone is about to die or a deceased person has come to meet a loved one from his family. The Mexican Black Witch Moth is also known as the butterfly of death.

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The third matchstick light superstition

This superstition became popular probably after the two Great Wars. According to this one, if three people light their cigarettes with the same matchstick, chances are the last one to light the cigarette would soon die.

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The Rule of three

It is commonly believed that death hunts three beings at a time. So if there is news of death in a house, there can be a possibility of two more people passing away. This weird superstition is popular in many countries, including India.

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Middle Person in a Photo

This extremely weird superstition is based on photographs. This belief is quite popular in Japan and according to this, if three people take a picture together, one in the middle is likely to die before the other two.

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The Cedar tree superstition

Certain communities associate cedar trees with death. According to this belief, one should never try to transplant a young cedar tree to a new location. Doing so means inviting death.

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Space in a fresh baked bread superstition

A popular superstition in England, if a fresh baked bread shows an empty space when cutting in half, it means that death is on the cards. The hollow space is symbolic of a coffin.

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Hold your breath when passing by a graveyard

This funny superstition tells about holding your breath while passing by a graveyard, or a wandering soul may enter your body through your breath.

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The Penis superstition

The name may sound funny, but the superstition is not. A Turkish belief, if a woman ever dreams of a penis, it suggests the death of a male member.

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