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This Bold Photo Series Depicts Everything Which Is Wrong With ‘Rape Culture’

Every year America leads the tally as the country reports a maximum number of rape victims. All over the world society blames the victim for this horrendous crime because of the length of her skirt or alcohol content in her body. One thing that must be made universal is no matter how drunk she is or type of cloth she is wearing, a girl is NEVER ASKING FOR IT.
In light of the recent Brock Turner case, a Belarusian-born photographer Yana Mazurkevich sheds light on sexual assault and intimate partner violence with the help of the bold photo series.
This series titled “Dear Brock Turner” was created for the sexual assault awareness on a media platform.

No woman can ever expect the crime as heinous as rape to happen to her. #StopVictimBlaming



Even if a woman is drunk she is not at fault, it’s always the accused!



Being friendly to someone is her choice, being raped by friends isn’t.



No woman carries a ‘Rape Me’ tag while walking alone.



Rape whether in a relationship or out of it, is neither acceptable nor justifiable. 



Because I am not safe, no matter where I go.



While putting her drink down, she wasn’t giving permission to drug it.


These issues affect millions of women around the world but are often ignored.

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