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Breakups Are Cool- Valentine Week Special


Valentine’s Day is here and my roommate who had break up some months back said, “Nandini has been sharing pictures of gifts she’s got from the new guy in her life.” I said, “Dude, you shouldn’t be stalking her”. He said, “Yay yay I know—looks as if the love buds are celebrating the valentine’s week.”


My friend ain’t a bad guy and Nandinis’, they have a history of giving terrible heartaches. Remember Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam—what that Nandini did to Sameer—the hawaa ka jhoka.

Dhananjay, my roomie, has always sounded real confident whenever he has said, “I am 33% responsible for the closure bro. My contribution is just 33%. She is the bulldozer”.


Last night after a few drinks he said, “Bro, there was a point in my life when I used to think -what would Nandini do if I met with an accident, who would take care of her.(Laughs) I loved her so much that turned me into a real stupid person. Trust me,  since we have parted ways, I have been at too much ease for I don’t have to worry too much. To have no irrational fears crawling in your mind is such a relief.”

I said, “That’s a cool thing then.”

He said, “Yeah it’s indeed a cool thing bro. Breakups are cool. Wish I had known this since always.”





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