Does Your Boss Know About This CEO Who Gives His Employees $2,000 For Vacation?

Does Your Boss Know About This CEO Who Gives His Employees $2,000 For Vacation?

Are you satisfied with your job and feel that free lunches, hip culture and ‘three paid leaves in a month are just more than sufficient? Well, for most of us, they are but for these 250 lucky employees it is not.


Meet Mark Douglas, CEO of SteelHouse, an advertising and marketing company who has an altogether different perspective “If you have a caged lion that was born in captivity, and then you open the cage, they back up more into the cage. They don’t start running free,” he tells Business Insider. “When we first started telling people they had unlimited vacation, they didn’t even know how to interpret that.”
If you are a SteelHouse employee, you will get $2,000 a year to travel anywhere in the world and do enjoy as they want (nothing illegal though). You can either divide it among your several cheap trips or take one big trip.

Douglas says, “Our culture is really simple. It’s based on trust and ambition”.
Also, the reimbursements are quick- if an employee books an air ticket on Sunday, it will be reimbursed on Monday and not just this, but even if you don’t have cash, the company lets you use your credit card to book the flight. Once people return from their trips, they just have to show their bills, and they get reimbursement up to $2,000.

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He also explains “It’s one thing to say ‘You have three weeks vacation,’ like most companies do”. “It’s another thing to say ‘You have cash, and if you don’t go on vacation and spend this money, the money literally goes to waste.’ It’s another level of saying this is real.”

Sorry for making your lives and your jobs less worthy!





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