These Comic Strips Hilariously Explain The Sadness Of Adult Life

These Comic Strips Hilariously Explain The Sadness Of Adult Life

“Are you really okay?”

“I am acting like I am okay.
Please don’t interrupt my performance.”

Adulthood just happens out of nowhere and till the time we realise it, we are partially fucked!
The man behind Owlturd Comix Strips sums everything that is wrong with being an adult in these hilarious comic strips and we can’t get enough of it. The series of comics make us laugh at our miseries and at the same time deep inside make us cry silently. These strips focus on the adult life and how life bullies us in all possible ways.
His artworks are not just funny but also witty. Collect all your emotions as you have a look at these comics here:

1. Hey Mushy Soft Thing


2. Only if you wanted to know about your existence

3. Curious enough to know?

4. Type A = Competitive Ones

5. Fuck You Facts

6. Optimist or Pessimist?


8. This is how our emotion and logic work

9. Well, even if you hate to admit this, it WORKS

10. Why Brain, Whhyyyy???

11. Thank you internet for being the understanding b*tch that you are!

12. Goodbye Motivation

13. Now, this explains everything

14. Well played ‘cynicism’

15. Not always unfair

16. Type A & Type B, again

funny-comics-owlturd-comix-adulthood-life-shenanigansen-54-57d8ddff1203f__605 15

17. ONE thing Type A CANNOT DO

Thank you for sketching our thoughts, Owlturd

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