Constellation Piercing: Is The Latest Trend That Is Ruling The Internet

Constellation Piercing: The Latest Trend That Is Ruling The Internet

So what is Constellation Piercing?

Constellation Piercing involves asymmetric piercing. This consists of a collection of tiny earring placed around your earlobes like a star.
People are getting their ears pierced in the form of constellations, where they are scattering their piercings like the stars in the sky.

Aren’t these mesmerising?

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Or you can opt for little opal earrings that feel like the small galaxy in your earlobes.

Look at the constellation cluster


Now meet the man behind this unique trend


Brian Keith Thompson is the man behind all the Hollywood’s Body Electric Tattoo & Piercing. He says “I don’t feel like I’m an artist, I feel like I’m a decorator,” Thompson says. “I’m taking a piece of jewellery which someone created — a piece of art — and installing it on the body. It takes a good eye. I just have an eye for decorating. I’m a straight man, and I know how to decorate. Where the fuck did that come from? It’s like an anomaly.”

“I started doing smaller stuff and more delicate stuff,” Thompson says. “I don’t like doing extreme things. I like doing normal things like the ear, the nose and the navel. I have other piercers who do all the genital stuff and crazy large-gauge stuff, but I’m not into it. If I wanted to cut someone, I’d be a plastic surgeon and really get paid for it.”

Have a look at some of his delicate works here





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Tragus by BKT #BodyElectricTattoo #BrianKeithThompson

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High double lobe by #BrianKeithThompson #BodyElectricTattoo

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