Getting Inked? Look Out For The Coolest Nature Tattoos

Getting Inked? Look Out For The Coolest Nature Tattoos

Tattoos are addicting.

The moment you get that perfect ink on your body you start longing for the another one. So if you are planning to get inked, then you need to look at these absolutely gorgeous floral tattoos. These crazy and colourful tattoos are the coolest and will blow your mind.
Tattoo artists from across the globe are going gaga over these designs and why not, after all, they are the coolest!
While surfing on the Internet, I came across Rita, an Instagram famous tattoo artist from Ukraine who uses natural flowers for her tattoos and her designs are bright and brilliant. The lady takes charge to stamp you with beautiful floral designs– forever.

Here tattoos are a visual treat which is going to bloom on your body. Here are some #TattooGoals for my readers.






one of the most interesting and lovely projects during my stay in Milan is strelitzia, or “bird of paradise”☀️I have never seen this flower in Ukraine and I love it soo much. It’s a wonderful plant. As usual – no sketches and preparations, only #liveleaftattoo and a little freehand with a steam, cause it’s too big 🌾стрелиция или “райская птица”, или оранжево-синее существо, которое ну никак не похоже на цветок) я так была рада, когда мне написали насчёт этой работы 🌾#liveleaftattoo #botanicaltattoo #strelitzia #strelitziatattoo #flowertattoo #dsfloral #tattrx #tattooersubmission #ritkit #ritkittattoo

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Wish I could just get this inked on my skin. They are so gorgeous!









Shubhendu Punj

Teri ek boond ka pyaasa mai---o pyaar ke sagar!

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