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These 7 Craziest Adventure Parks Will Bring Out The Adventure Seeker In You

It’s time to hit some of the fastest, tallest, and downright craziest attractions in the world!

1. Six Flags Great Adventure

Located in Jackson, New Jersey, this place is the home to one of the fastest and tallest roller coasters in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

It sends its rider at the speed of 128 miles per hour.

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2. Crocosaurus Cove

This amusement park in Darwin, Australia sends you straight down in the water to be floating alongside the world’s deadliest animals. Go down into ‘cage of death’ and swim around with 20-foot saltwater buddies.

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3. Nagashima Spa Land

This gigantic Ferris at Nagashima Spa Land is the longest roller coaster ride measuring 2500 metres. Termed as the finest amusement park by majority of experts, this place undoubtedly promises a wild adventure.

Fasten up your seat belts all you adventure junkies!

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4. Thorpe Park

This theme park located in Surrey, UK is home to Colossus, a ride comprising of 10 inversions. That’s also a world record!

Hold your barf bag real close and tight.

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5. Heide Park

This park in Germany has the tallest drop tower in the world: Scream lifts you to 109 metres tall and lands you down in just 2.4 seconds.

Feel gravity guys!

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6. Ferrari World

When we talk about Dubai, we talk big. Ferrari world is the largest indoor theme park in Dubai. It houses world’s fastest roller coaster Formula Rossa with the top speed of 240 kilometres per hour.

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7. Cedar Point

If you are an adventure junkie, you must visit Ceder Point, Ohio. Millennium Force, Wicked Twister, Magnum XL-200 – these are all some of the highest, fastest, scariest coasters in the world.

Nobody’s gonna hear you scream!

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