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Croc Bites Woman Who Tried Taking A Selfie Without Seeking His Consent

Capturing significant moments of life has become easy with smartphones. Selfies started off harmlessly, but with time they have become more extreme. Thirsty for likes on Instagram and Facebook, people often forget boundaries and end up putting themselves in danger in order to get the desired picture.


Recently a 41-year-old French woman was bitten by a crocodile while she was trying to take a selfie with the ferocious reptile in Thailand’s Khao Yai National Park. She squatted near the crocodile to get a close and personal shot, but this did not fare well. As she was getting up, she tipped to one side, and the crocodile snapped her left leg leaving it brutally wounded. She suffered a severe bite wound and doctors are not yet sure whether she will be able to walk again or not.


The authorities at National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department blamed Muriel Benetulier (the victim) for the entire episode. Further clarifying the officer said that signboards were put up throughout the premises warning visitors about the crocodiles. Tourists were told to keep to the nature trail.  The French, however, admitted her mistake and called the incident a result of her “being stupid”.


This is not the first time an event of this nature occurred. There are numerous events where people attempting to take crazy selfies landed themselves in trouble. Earlier in 2014, a Mexican guy named Otero Aguilar accidently killed himself with a shot to the head while posing for a gun selfie. Another Colette Moreno died in a car crash on her way to her pre-wedding party while trying to take a carefree selfie of her and the driver.

Extreme of anything is bad– be it drugs or selfies. Stay safe guys.




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