Let This Cute Canine Teach You Some Fashion Lessons!

Let This Cute Canine Teach You Some Fashion Lessons!

Lately, cats are ruling the internet, but we cannot deny the fact that our four-legged canine friends hold a special place in our hearts. There are many who have taken over the internet, and one of them is this cute 7-year-old Dachshund breed dog- Crusoe who is gaining a lot more popularity since past few days. Let’s have a look at this dog with a “cool canine attitude”.
Mind you that he might just give you fashion goals.





He is winning hearts of millions of people with his adorable outfits.



What if I tell you that these outfits are handmade?







This cute little canine has gained massive followers on Instagram.


Isn’t he the champion?



Along with winning the million of hearts, Crusoe has also won various awards like Montreal Dachshund race (2012), Dog & Toy Photo contest by Life & Dog magazine (2011), Best Costume at the 4th Annual Wiener Dog event in Montreal and so many more.

Ladies & Gentlemen, here’s the master of this creation









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