Cute DIY Skeleton Leaves

Cute DIY Skeleton Leaves

Colourful skeletons are delicate, lacy and the leaves look beautiful when used as home decor. Apart from home decor, these leaves are also used for various craft projects.
Remember as a child when we used to take a leaf and press it between the books and wait for them to dry completely, it usually took weeks. But here is the faster, easiest and creative way to do the job.
You can take any leaf you want, so let’s get started.

The supplies that you will need:

1. Leaves (leaves of your choice)
2. Brush
3. Water
4. Food Dye
5. Paper Towel
6. Gloves

Gather all your leaves and put them in a pan.

Pour the 3/4th cup of washing soda and 4cups of water in a pan.


Now stir well to combine washing soda with water
Let the water boil
Allow water to simmer and leaves to soften. Leaves will take their own time depending on their thickness. Don’t worry if the process takes 1 hour or even longer.


Now remove the leaves from the pan and rinse them using fresh and cold water. Clean them using a soft brush or scrub, and be careful to not to tear away the leaf skeleton.


Soak the leaves in clean water. After a while take them out and let them dry completely.


Now dye leaves with food colouring. If you want to keep your leaves white, then soak the leaf in 50ml of bleach with one cup of water unless the leaf turns white. Then take out the leaf from the solution and rinse it with the clean water.


Continue to dye these leaves in the colour of your choice.

There you have it!


You Need To Know That: different leaves require a different combination of soda nad water. It might take you few tries to know what you actually need to do. Experiment yourself and have fun!






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