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Dad, Dont Drive Mumma Mad– I Am Seated Inside!

Giving birth and having a child are profound emotional experiences. In our country, the birth of a baby is the most celebrated event.z

Pregnancy is a very delicate period in a woman’s life as during this phase her body becomes vulnerable and fragile, needing more attention and care than usual. So here are things you need to know as a man to be a perfect support to your loving wife when she is on her way to making you the happiest person in the world!

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Ultrasound scans: Always accompany her to the medical centre for an ultrasound. Visiting every time is a great way to bond with your growing baby and be a part of your wife’s pregnancy journey.

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Health regime: As the news will break, there will be a lot of changes that will come your wife’s way. She will have to ensure proper diet and engage in physical exercises to keep fit. Share these lifestyle changes with her, improve your diet too and drink more fluids as advised to her. Go out on a walk with her and be a companion in all those ‘Good for baby things’!

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Say Yes to her demands: If she asks you for an ice-cream in the middle of the night, get it for her. Pamper her as much as you can, and do all she asks you for, because she is solely taking all pain to bring the child in the world. If she acts demanding, take it and fulfil all.

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Help her in preparations: There are a lot of arrangements to be made in advance. Assist your wife while she prepares the list of things to shop. Also, if there is any construction needed at home, make sure there is somebody to supervise so that your wife can have complete rest.

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Admire the shape: Observe her keenly and keep a track of the developments. Click pictures of her so that you can cherish the moments later. She might feel that she looks unattractive, but don’t let her feel that way. Tell her that you like her new figure, be sweet my friend.



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