Dear Ladies, Here Are 5 Things About Your Body You need Not Be Ashamed Of

Dear Ladies, Here Are 5 Things About Your Body You need Not Be Ashamed Of…

“Be Yourself” a term stated by many, believed by few and followed by none. It is tough to be yourself in the world full of people who are conscious about things that are completely normal. So many things to do in a day, but somehow we find out time for self-criticism and body hate.

Human beings are fragile creatures, so being self-conscious about the body is completely normal. There are times when we ladies feel motivated by body positivity quotes like, “all bodies are beautiful bodies.” They make us feel so much beautiful about ourselves, but there are other times when we are surrounded by body shaming, so much so that we feel it’s necessary to get at par wth the “accepted beauty standards”.
But no matter what happens you should never be ashamed of your body.
Your Arm Hair: One thing that makes us girls super conscious is- our arm hair. Yes, we all want those smooth hairless arms, but let’s deal with the fact that hair growth is completely NORMAL. It is just hair, and you cannot control where it grows on your body. If you come across people noticing judging you for it, well,  you will know the kind of individuals you need to strike off from your life.


Your Arms: Wear whatever you feel like no matter what your arm size is- tank tops, sleeveless, cold shoulder dresses, anything that pleases you. There are so many of us who will never dare to wear certain kind of clothes just because they are uncomfortable. Nervous about ‘certain people’ who won’t like their arms. But that’s okay; there exist people who are ever ready to pull you down.
We all have arms, arms that are entirely different and vary in size. Do you really think it is worth wasting your energy on?


Your Breakouts: Something that we, as girls are often shamed for. What shamers don’t understand is that it is not because we loathe ourselves with filth and dirt. IT IS BECAUSE OF HORMONAL CHANGES. Yes, they can be downright worst, but they are natural. If you are surrounded by people who notice your breakouts more than your words, probably you need the better group of friends.


No Thigh Gap: We all will agree that different people have different bodies. Setting a beauty standard for thigh gap is ‘unrealistic’. Whether you have a thigh gap or not depends on upon the proportion in which your body distributes fat in, no matter what all exercises you do. Some super thin women don’t have thigh gap whereas some plus size women do. So it’s high time when you put your thigh gap madness to rest.


Breast Size & Shape:
Do you know every woman has two different sizes of breasts? You know what, you have no control over your body, and you never have to feel ashamed about it.






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