Delhi: Tailor Arrested For ‘Raping’ Minors

Delhi: Tailor Arrested For ‘Raping’ Minors

Adding another feather to their hat, Delhi Police on Monday arrested a serial rapist who assaulted and raped over 500 minor girls. According to the report in Times Of India, 38-year-old, a tailor by profession confessed that he has sexually assaulted 500 minor girls during 12 years. What is more disturbing is the fact that he has managed to assault more than 2500 juveniles. He was behind bars for just six months in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand for sexually abusing a girl where he was working on a farm.
“He used to target school going girls and so far we have found his involvement in 12 such cases. Further investigation is on,” Omvir Bishnoi, Delhi Commissioner of Police (East) is quoted as saying in News18 report.
Police said that the accused was superstitious and took the same train and wore the same clothes and shoes every time he set out for the crime, reports Indian Express.


The accused works as a tailor and is married with five children, including three girls, said another officer, adding that his daughters are being counselled to know whether he had also targeted them.

The accused told police that he used to target minor girls, going home from school by misleading her on the pretext that her father had sent her some clothes for food and used to take her to an isolated place, where he would molest and rape her.

Rastogi was nabbed by police on Monday when he was identified by Delhi Police in a CCTV footage while they were investigating in the case of abused seven-year-old girl in New Ashok Nagar.








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