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Did God Save My Life Or Bajaj RS 200’s ABS Braking?


Even at 5:30 am, it was dark outside. Without waking anybody–I picked my luggage and started on my RS 200 from my sister’s place in Hardwar towards Delhi—a journey of 236 kilometres. The first 80 miles were extremely painful for my hands as freezing air rushed through the pores on the top of racing hand gloves. By the time I reached Muzzafarnagar, I had begun to lose sense in my hands, and thus I decided to halt for a cup of tea. I was looking on the left trying to spot a decent Dhaba, and as the colour of my bike is yellow, to a passerby, I must have resembled a lion who’s deciding on who should be his prey from the herd of zebras.


Finally, I found a food joint, and as I looked in front to stop my bike, I saw a speeding scooterist at high speed coming from opposite direction at curve road. He was looking behind and talking to his pillion driver. I did understand the situation, honked and pulled the disc(ABS braking. Trust me, it is marvellous). I did the best I could do and went left down the road and stopped my vehicle. The scooterist could not control his vehicle, and to my fortune, he suffered minor injuries.



My bike was safe—and while I had the first breath of relief after the incident, I was thinking to myself who should I thank –should I think the ABS Braking of the RS 200 or should I thank God? If I have to thank God, which God saved me? Jesus, Mohammad, Ram, Hanuman, Ganesh..Who?



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