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Disability Is Never A Hindrance- The Story Of Guitarist Jonathan Bastos


After spending more than four years learning the guitar I wouldn’t hide it from you and would say it straight, ‘Guitar is hard’. Unless you belong to that category of 1% who can play Eddie Van Halen licks note for note from memory, you are among the 99% who have to deal with the illogical, user-unfriendly instrument known as the guitar.


Pain, frustration, and embarrassment is what the 99% must face when trying to play the simplest nursery rhyme of a song. Getting your fingers to find the right string on the right fret and applying the correct pressure over a particular time lapse is beyond difficult. Getting your hand to make guitar chords is what it must feel like to recover from a traumatic head injury.


Now here is something that will send you into a shock as it sent me when I discovered Brazilian musician Jonathan Bastos. Jonathan Bastos is a guitarist, and the man does not use his hands to play the instrument for he has no hands and instead uses his feet to play the guitar. I saw him the first time when he came to perform at the closing ceremony of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro.


Jonathan’s story proves that having disabilities is never a hindrance to doing the things that make one happy. The music he creates is just like any other expert guitarist. If you are going to listen, you will not expect that the one who plays it actually has a disability.

Here is the video, have a look…



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