Diwali Gets Global Makeover: Singapore Welcomes Festival In Style

Diwali Gets Global Makeover: Singapore Welcomes Festival In Style

Diwali is round the corner, and all of us are busy cleaning our houses, preparing snacks. Well, it seems not just India, but with Singapore welcoming Diwali in style, and white house lightning diyas, it seems like the festival is now getting a global makeover.
Singapore is decorating its streets and trains with beautiful murals especially themed for Diwali.

The Land Trasport Authority (LTA) of Singapore posted these colourful pictures a few days ago where they proudly mentioned that they had introduced their very first Diwali themed train. This decoration is so Indian and lets their travellers feel the aura of Indian festivities.
Not just this but to celebrate the occasion LTA also collaborated with the Little Indian Shopkeepers and Heritage Association (LISHA) to launch Diwali themed train.
In their official statement, LTA said “It is an effort to celebrate the Festival of Lights in a whole new illuminating way this year. We have launched our first Deepavali themed train, and now people can experience part of the stunning decorations at Little India right inside the MRT.”
In the series of pictures which were shared by on their Facebook page, one can easily see decked up coaches with beautiful rangoli designs, diyas and peacock, which signifies good luck. Check out the pictures and soak yourself into festive vibes!









The designs and decorations are inspired by Singapore’s Little India area which is exhibiting such decorations as a significant amount of Indian population resides there.
The themed train launched by Singapore’s Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan will run on the North East Line till mid-November.

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