Say Hello To Summer With This Cool DIY Watermelon Stamped Doormat

Say Hello To Summer With This Cool DIY Watermelon Stamped Doormat

Watermelon is tasty to eat and cute to print. From T-shirts to shoes we can find cute watermelon prints everywhere. So why not bring this cute yet quirky print to your doormat?

This simple DIY project tells you how.

What you need:

Cheap brown rug

a large, all-purpose sponge

sharp scissors

a detail paintbrush

paint containers such as plastic plates

pink, green and black paints

How to do it?

Cut the all-purpose sponge into a watermelon shape. You’ll need to cut two stamps — one to mimic the wedge shape of the melon’s pink core, and a second to represent the thin, curved green rind of the watermelon, trim up the edges to ensure a crisp stamped shape.

Pour a large amount of paint onto a tray or plastic plate and dip your sponge into the paint (The natural fibres and crevasses soak up a lot of the colour, so load on more than you think necessary.)

With the stamp’s bottom surface covered with paint, bring it over to the mat and press down firmly in random places across the surface. You can also stamp each shape twice to ensure full paint coverage.

Allow to dry for 20 minutes. Then grab the smaller detail brush and add tiny dots of black paint to the pink wedge to mimic watermelon seeds.

Let the mat sit overnight in a well-ventilated area to ensure that the paint has a chance to dry completely. Finish it up with a final coat of clear, waterproof spray paint on top to protect the stamped watermelon design for the entire summer season.








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