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Feeling Uninspired? Watch This 3 Minute Film…


There comes a moment in every one’s life when he/she begins to doubt his/her capabilities. The walls of inhibitions hold him/her from moving ahead and stagnancy rigorously sends shivers down the spine! In that bleak moment—a film like this is bound to boost one’s dampened spirit.  This film was released as part of #WeAreSuperHuman campaign launched 3 months before the commencement of Paralympics games.

This 3-minute trailer created by marketing agency J Walter Thompson, London, scooped a gold Lion in the Entertainment category. The extraordinary clip, which has been watched by millions, pays tribute to 140 people with disabilities.

It shows exactly how much excitement you can generate if you cram the talent of 140 athletes, musicians and ordinary people with disabilities into three minutes of television. From a pilot steering a plane with her feet to a blind pianist, it’s a celebration of an extraordinary range of talent – all set to a jaunty swing soundtrack.

Hope this inspiring film restores peace and pace to your life!  



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