Festival Of Rewri, Groundnuts, Bonfire & Personal Warmth- Lohri

Festival Of Rewri, Groundnuts, Bonfire & Personal Warmth- Lohri

No country comes even close to India in terms of celebrations and festivities; there are a number of lively and colourful festivals celebrated every year in our nation. Each festival carries its significance and marks for prosperity. One such festival celebrated on the 13th of January (the shortest day of the season every year) is Lohri, which is celebrated during the harvest of the rabi crops. One state which is known for the grand celebration is North India’s Punjab, in parts of Haryana and Delhi.
The celebrations are carried around the bonfire and continue till late night.


Munching Groundnuts, Rewri and Popcorns!

Anyone who has celebrated Lohri around the bonfire with full zeal could tell you the three most important edibles- Groundnuts, Rewri and Popcorns, which are associated with the festival. The whole setup with the sweet sound of popular folk songs makes it for a perfect festivity and joyous celebration.
Here’s wishing you the best wishes with this folklore ‘Sunder Mundriye’









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