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French Artist Pays Perfect Tribute To Chris Cornell–Stays ‘Like A Stone’ For An Entire Week


A French artist has paid an incredibly moving tribute to Chris Cornell by spending one week inside a rock. His act was inspired by Cornell’s greatest hit ‘Like A Stone’. While French artist Abraham Poincheval was lodged inside, he only heard “Like a Stone” on loop throughout. ‘Like a stone’ by the American rock supergroup Audioslave’ turned out to be the highest charting song of Cornell’s career.


After Abraham Poincheval emerged from the 12-tonne limestone boulder at a Paris art gallery—he was still humming the tune of Cornell’s song and seemed elated.   Talking about the experience inside the artist said, “It’s this strange feeling of a floating world, an incredible floating in this mineral capsule. There are very strong moments of getting dizzy, where the world is shaking monstrously,” he continued. “It’s a moment of happiness, it’s a gift, but at the same time one must stay clear-headed. There are very strong moments where you lose yourself, where suddenly you don’t know anymore where you are.”

Speaking about the legend Cornell he said, “Chris Cornell was one of the signature voices of Nineties rock alongside peers Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder and Layne Staley – and that voice was the boldest and most virtuosic of them all.  He will forever be remembered for his soaring, feral wail, maybe the movement’s clearest link back to larger-than-life Seventies forefathers like Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant.

Undoubtedly– the most ultimate tribute!



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