Glow In The Dark Hair Colour Trend Is WILD

Glow In The Dark Hair Colour Trend Is WILD

Glow in the dark hair colour trend is the coolest trend in the history of all hair colour trends. The trend literally makes your hair glow! Gaining a lot of popularity amongst all the young fads (and apparently not their parents) this hair colour trend is exploding on Instagram. Ultra-futuristic images and videos of models swirling around happily adorning their hair are all over social media, and currently, the trend shows no sign of slowing down.
As with any hair colour, UV hair colour too needs care and attention to glow. The look is called “Phoenix hair” and is made with rainbow hair dye that is designed to glow under a backlight, and there is no radium involved. Let your locks rock while you look completely cool!
The Con? Just like any other bright hair colour, it is designed for blond hair, so brunettes and red heads would need to lighten their hair to maximise its effect.

Have a look at this amazing trend:



UV reactive color melt

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Black light rainbow dutch braid (Lol at the dye all over my hood)

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#glowinthedarkhair could this be the new hair trend in 2016. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay? #hairinspo #2016hair #glowinthedark

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So go and glow on!

P.S. Hair styling and colouring is a creative profession; it simply changes the way you look. So you need to be sure about your every decision.



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