Indians Asked 'Google Assistant' Really Funny Questions

Indians Asked ‘Google Assistant’ Really Funny Questions & It Answered Them With Humour

Google recently launched a new messaging app, Allo, on September 21. Allo is a mobile only messaging app in the form of a conversational chat-bot that provides with contextual information to you. It acts like a private chat system for you- it gives you directions, info on your emails, calendar and other stuff related to your Google account.

So basically, Google Assistant pulls out information that you seek from Google and other sources. While it might have been helpful for many, there have been times when it failed to live up to its marks.

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After Apple’s Siri and Window’s Cortana, Google designed its Google Assistant that worked almost like the former two. So while Google thought, it would be used to handle queries about weather and other things, some Indians went on to next level with it.

Indians are funny when it comes to technology. Some people tried to test the Google Assistant’s limits by asking it questions about movies.

And asking other random questions, that Google Assistant looked for using all its intelligence and was bang on! (I guess)

And like that was not enough, someone asked the million dollar question:

Looks like Google Assistant has some good humour of its own.

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