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The Gross Truth About Using A Loofah While Taking A Bath

A long hot shower at the end of the day is the best way to end a tiring day, or NOT? Let us see how.

Recent researches show that millennials today prefer using shower gel and loofas, instead of regular soaps. What people don’t know is that the loofas they use are crawling with germs! Yes, it does help you to clean yourself but at the same time, traps germs inside it.

Loofahs or scrubbers play the perfect breeding place for bacteria- a humid and damp environment that helps them to multiply. While taking a shower, you exfoliate by scrubbing away the dead skin cells that later get trapped in the nooks & corners of the scrubber. The damp condition of the scrubber helps the bacteria to multiply before you use it the next day. If the loofah does not dry properly, the bacteria starts feeding on the organic matter and spread.

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Most dermatologists do not agree with the regular use of loofahs and warn that a continued use of contaminated loofah may lead to serious skin infections. It’s basically like applying the same dirt on your body that you washed off last time.

Doctors mostly recommend replacing the loofah and scrubbers every three weeks, or in case it turns off colour or develops an odour. Try drying out your loofah outside in the sun or where the air circulation is good.

Or maybe quit using them!




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