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Guys, Live-In Isn’t a Sin, It’s A Blessing!

Live-in relationships are beautiful, though in India it is still considered taboo by the majority. Folks trust me, don’t be the sheep, I mean don’t pay heed to the majority’s opinion; don’t let their noise drown out your inner voice. If you think, you want to go ahead and give it a try, like Nike said, Just do it. The concept is marvellous as it allows you to know your partner inside out, their strengths and weakness.

Though it’s true, partners in a live-in relationship don’t get the privileges offered by law for wedded couples, but many other privileges make it worth trying.

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No wandering: Every evening, you know where you need to be heading—Home. You are not a part of all those crazy plans your gang frames, as you are aware that the other half is waiting for you to arrive! You reach home, assist her in cooking, and eat great food– instead of passing out at a friend’s place. Isn’t that great!

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Explore: Otherwise, you would just go home and watch television. But if you are staying with her, she will get you out of bed and make you visit places that you would have surely missed seeing. These outings not only add beauty to life but also help you ease and achieve a relaxed state of mind.

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Adiós bad company: You know she will be annoyed, if she comes to know, you are hanging out with people, who are not right company. There is going to be tension and fights, and you don’t want that. Thus, you ignore visiting the circle or entering the vicious circle.

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Hygiene: When you are staying with her, the washbasin is shining like white marbles of Taj Mahal, the clothes in almirah organised like books in British library, and the kitchen looks like never a chicken was slaughtered there. Wow, don’t you like it!

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Assets: You buy cushions, bed sheets, portraits, lamps, washing machine, led and so many other items which you otherwise would not. You are not wasting money in clubs and bars; you are investing it in making your living environment beautiful. That’s awesome.




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