Hair Colour Ideas: Spice Up Your Hair This Winter

Hair Colour Ideas To Spice Up Your Hair This Winter

Winter is knocking, and it is the time you embrace the change as the weather gets colder and nights get longer. Not just season but even our fashion changes. With everything changing around us, why can’t we change our hair too? Every woman would agree that there is nothing like a new hairstyle that makes them look and feel confident. So we have searched on the internet, to bring you the collection of our favourite winter hair colour trend which will inspire you to dye your hair too.

Black & Red Blend


These straight, glossy and warm shade of red and black look completely stunning. With both of the colours blended this ombre hair looks nothing less than glorious.

Brown to Caramel Hair


We cannot get enough of this incredibly hot hair. These gorgeous curls create an even more refined look. The hair comes down from dark brown to a warm shade of caramel and is finished with blonde touch on the tips.

Ash Blonde With Brown


Ash Grey hair colour is trending this season, and when combined with brown, they look magnificent. Isn’t this hair colour just perfect for the winter?

Pink Toned Brown


This absolutely gorgeous hairstyle has an undertone of brown with pink. The colour is the mixture of copper, pink and brown with a stunning glossy finish.

Blonde To Brown


Can you get enough of this hair colour? The beach wave and the hair colour is a total spot on.

Dark To Light Grey


Denim hair is gaining popularity and why not, they actually look stunning. The root of the hair is dark, and tips are grey, which makes a glorious combination.






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