Health Signs To Watch Out For When In Your 20s

Health Signs To Watch Out For When In Your 20s

Your twenties are fun times mixed with career issues, worries about friends, love life with so many other problems & it’s easy to neglect your health. But there are signs that your body gives you while you are in your 20s. Even if you are healthy and keeping up well with your health, you cannot ignore your body and signs it gives. You need not freak out, but at the same time, you need to pay attention to these issues. Keep an eye on these health signs and make sure you protect yourself for future.

1. Mood Swings & Social Withdrawal: If you feel mood swings & social withdrawal in your 20s can lead to bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and major depressive disorder. General symptoms include drastic mood change, confused thoughts, lack of social engagement, confused thoughts, etc.


2. Feeling Cold, Low & Tired: There is something really wrong if you are always feeling tired, depressed or cold. Get yourself thoroughly checked and consult a doctor as soon as possible.


3. Painful Urination & Itching: If you are sexually active and experiencing symptoms such as pain and itching while urinating, get tested for Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). It’s important to get yourself tested and treated for your better future.


4. Experiencing Fatigue: You might feel tired all the time because of your hectic work schedule and active social life. But being tired all the time may be the sign of anaemia. It can be due to poor diet, anxiety, depression and more.


5. A Constant Headache: If you are experiencing a constant headache which is unlike your regular ones. Get yourself checked for haemorrhage or infection in the central nervous system.


The issues mentioned above might not necessarily mean something is wrong, but it’s good to get checked on them just to be sure.





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