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Here Are Some Firangi Celebrities With Indian Tattoos

Tattoo trend is the next big thing now and more and more people are getting themselves inked in unique ways. The newest tattoo trend is tattoos in Hindi and Sanskrit and following it the most are celebrities from West. Here is a list of firangi celebrities flaunting Hindi and Sanskrit tattoos in the most coolest ways.

1) Angelina Jolie

Inked on her left shoulder blade is a verse in Pali that she got to mark the entrance of her son Maddox in her life.

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2) David Beckham

Beckham followed the love cliché and got his wife’s name, Victoria, inked in Hindi on his left arm. The tattoo also raised a fuss as the spelling of Victoria was mis-spelt, but Beckham chose to keep it as it is.

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3) Jessica Alba

She has a tattoo that says ‘Padma’ inked in Sanskrit. It represents lotus, a beautiful flower that grows in the dirty pond and yet remains a thing of beauty and peace.

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4) Alyssa Milano

Tattooed below the nape of Milano’s neck is ‘Om’ that represents her spiritual beliefs and her religious nature.

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5) Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa has a tattoo of ‘Om’ inked in two parts that come together as she joins her hands.

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6) Adam Levine

Adam Levine has many tattoos, one of which is the word ‘Tapas’ inked above his left pectoral. When asked, Levine says it represents his inner fire or determination towards anything he does.

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7) Miley Cyrus

She too belongs to the ‘Om’ club. Miley has a small ‘Om’ on her left wrist apart from other tattoos.

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8) Katy Perry

The words ‘Anuugacchatu Pravaha’ are tattooed on her right bicep. She got the tattoo while dating Russell Brand, which means ‘go with the flow. 

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9) Russell Brand

Brand and Katy Perry have the same words ‘Anuugacchatu Pravaha’ tattooed on their right arms. It looks like the couple got the tattoo together. 

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10) Rihanna

Rihanna has a verse from the Gita tattooed on the right side of her waist that goes down to her right leg. The tattoo is a bit infamous as Hindu scholars call it as a misquote.

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