Homemade Galaxy Ice Cream That Is Perfect For Your Autumn Party

Homemade Galaxy Ice Cream That Is Perfect For All Your House Parties

Winters are around the corner, but we can still feel the warm waves floating around. Since it seems that this warm weather is here to stay for quite some time, let us treat ourselves with homemade ice cream. Not just any other ice cream, but Homemade Galaxy Ice Cream.

The fun colours, delicious flavours and smooth texture makes this ice cream a perfect delight. This Galaxy Icecream needs just three basic ingredients and is super easy to make.

galaxy ice cream


2 Cups of Heavy Whipping Cream
1 Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 tbsp Vanilla Essence
Food Colouring of your choice


  • In a large mixing bowl beat whipping cream on medium until soft peaks form, (you can use either a hand mixer or a stand mixer for the same).
  • Once the whipping cream is soft, add in sweetened condensed milk and vanilla essence and mix until everything is well combined.
  • Separate ice cream batter into separate bowls and add food colouring to it
  • Once you mix food colouring and batter well, combine each colour into a large container and freeze for 4-6 hours before serving.


Here’s a video for better understanding:





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