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How Can A Dead Man Say Goodbye? Will Miss You Undertaker



I still remember I had put three dots on the front face of Undertaker trump card which only I could see. If Eddie can lie, cheat and steal why can’t I? Whenever I would distribute the WWF cards, I always threw Undertaker to my side as I knew where he was in the stack. It took my sister a very long time to solve the mystery behind me always ending up with Undertaker.


Interesting stories around Undertaker tickled my curiosity and impelled me to know more about him. Oh, that day is still fresh in my head when Ajinkya (Not Rahane but one of my classmates) told me that Undertaker’s soul rested in an urn – I was like, dude are you serious? I went home and told this to mum, and to my surprise, this revelation did not move her at all. She continued her vegetable chopping as if she knew a lot of people who had their souls resting in an Urn. Then the story that Kane is his brother was another compelling add-on.


The Deadman’s accomplishments to date–23 show-stealing WrestleMania matches and 16 goosebump-inducing encounters at SummerSlam–all his epic battles are safe and intact, stored in DVD’s, resting on the rack next to my study table. I have watched these matches innumerable times, and it’s still fun returning to those games and seeing the Phenom takes on all those great challengers. The Undertaker set the bar high for Hell in a Cell Match expectations with his devilish duels against the likes of Mankind and The Game. I strongly believe that The Undertaker is significantly responsible for elevating WWF to a cult status worldwide.


I am 28 now, and I know that was all entertainment. I realise now why my mother was not surprised when I told her Soul in the urn thingy. But speaking frankly like Arnab Goswami, I don’t want to accept the truth that it was all scripted. I will prefer living in denial.

As the dead man dropped his jacket and hat in the squared ring and passed the torch to Roman Reigns, the 12-year-old in me burst into tears. I tried consoling myself saying, “He is a dead man, he can’t say goodbye.”

Have a great life Taker. I have and will always believe in your supernatural capabilities.



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