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How Cricket Became A Religion In India

Cricket in India isn’t just a game but a religion. It flows in the blood of our people– that is why they say, we bleed blue.  But who are the ones, who have contributed in making the game so incredibly popular? Aye aye, they are the captains.

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Kapil Dev: He is a man who achieved a lot with very little. With an average team, Kapil won for the nation, the first world cup title in 1983. The team trumped the odds to make history and earn global recognition—everybody considered us underdogs. During the stint, India defeated the most feared West Indies not once but twice.

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Mohammed Azharuddin: He entered the international cricket arena in 1984, and scored three centuries in first three tests, a feast, none other batsmen have been able to achieve to this day. A brilliant fielder, a magician with sinewy wrists, and a captain under whose leadership team enjoyed tremendous success—Azhar glorified the game and became the poster boy of the nation.

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Saurav Ganguly: He took the throne after the match-fixing scandal in 2000, and immediately India started winning Test matches away and even entered the world cup final in 2003. He is the one who showed that the Australians were not invincible but mortal. Cricket never went into a downward slide, and only flourished after dada’s reign.

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni –Emerging from a low background family and coming from a new state, this man brought to the shelf of achievements, the ICC T20WC title 07, ACC Asia Cup ’10, ICC CWC ’11, ICC CT ’13, and also helped the team reach #1 in Test Rankings.



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