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How To Deal With Her Mood Swings

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When she’s going through a mood swing, you wish to push the swing hard– to close the matter for once and all (lols)! But you can’t do that! Pal, instead of feeling frustrated you can see the moment in a different light, and think of it as an opportunity to reveal your maturity regarding the understanding of a relationship.

Here are mentioned some out of the box solutions, that will help you make her understand, that you don’t deserve this—this mood swing.

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Read in Silence: I know that she is the only one you connect to, but if she is in a bad mood, don’t become a nagging parrot with queries revolving around ‘Why’–Why are you sad, why are you behaving differently. Naaah, instead, sit close to her and read some French or Russian author. Doing so, you wouldn’t miss the conversation as you are already listening from the author, and you also give her time to be okay. The guitarist can play the guitar, a designer can design, the writer can write, but everything being close to her.

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Clean the house: Have a walk in the house and see where you can contribute. Organise your Almirah, sell out the empty beer bottles occupying space in the store etc. 😉  SMALL THINGS—remember, they always do the magic!

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Spa:  Book her visit to the nearest spa. Let her feel pampered. Sometimes, the stress, it takes over the mind but if you design this visit– it will rejuvenate her spirits.

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Movie: Ask her if she wants to watch a movie. She will say a no, but if you smell even slightest of yes in her no, book the tickets.

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Praise the princess: Remind her of her achievements, and all the good things she has done in life. Tell her how pretty she is. Leave humorous critiques of random objects. You can even just leave notes with random facts.



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