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How To Get Rid Of Addictions!

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Your clicking on the article link clearly highlights your thirst for change. Getting rid of addiction is very easy and not complicated at all. Believe me; once you will move on, you will too feel the same way. The initial seven days are a struggle; that’s the hurdle. The demons inside will cry, make noise and if you don’t break, they will beg you to do it just one time. Don’t be emotional and remember it’s the demon speaking, and you are not obeying his command. To keep you riding high those seven days, and to divert your mind off the craving, here is what you can do!


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If you have a girlfriend/wife, think about what will happen to her if you die. Look at her alone in this world without you, without the man she loved the most. Imagine her during festivals, family gatherings, and parties– without you. Want to do this to her, leaving her struggling alone. Think of the scenario when you feel the craving.


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Bringing up a child is the most irritating job on the planet; it’s exhausting. But didn’t your parents play their role so efficiently? Didn’t they ensure a great upbringing? They have done their bit; now it’s your chance. They will need you, so you want to be there to help them through their old age. Yes!


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When you are sleeping, every organ in your body is working for you. The heart is pumping blood, and the brain rests busy neurones and forms new pathways for optimum performance–the coming day. You should be thankful to the organs for they continuously work for you, and shouldn’t make their task difficult. Respect the body!

Talk to yourself

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You have done it thousand times in the past. Ask yourself what you achieved out of it. What difference does it make to your life?








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