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How To Grab A Seat In Delhi Metro

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Around 20 lakh people travel each day in the Delhi metro, so to grab a seat, a proper strategy has to be in placeHereby I am sharing a few tried and tested hacks- hope they make regular commuting easy for you.

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Buy a punching bag: “Please allow passengers de-boarding the metro to get down first.” We have been listening that since the beginning, but that isn’t ever happening—instead you are getting punched. Remember that epic proverb, “ Jaise loha lohe ko kat ta hai, waise hi…”. So my dear friend, buy a punching bag and practice every morning.  This exercise will raise the probability of you getting a seat in near future.

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Think different: Don’t just stand, but walk on the escalator. Ask the lady standing ahead to give you some space without slightest hesitation. Because once the metro arrives, she wouldn’t mind pushing you aside.

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Cut down waist: If you can shell out some kilos, there are chances some generous soul makes some space that is sufficient enough to fit you. Go gym or else Go Fish!

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Travel with a girl: The line for ladies is always shorter than that for men.  Pass on your handbag to the girlfriend for security check so that you can have access through that entry –meant for people without luggage. This way you will succeed in entering the station earlier.



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