Pak Being Boycotted? After India Pulls Out Of SAARC, 3 More Nations Follow.

Pak Being Boycotted? After India Pulls Out Of SAARC, 3 More Nations Follow

After the recent URI Attack, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not going to SAARC summit, which is being held in Islamabad, Pakistan. According to an official report, the cross-border tension being the primary reason Modi pulled it off. The decision came just after Pakistan high commissioner Abdul Basit told foreign secretary S Jaishankar that they believe killing off Indian Soldiers was a ‘Stage Act’ nicely managed by India to divert attention from the ongoing Kashmir issue and demanded an international investigation for the same.


Which apparently means that the summit will be called off as the regional group operates through consensus. Soon after the decision was communicated, three other members- Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Bhutan also pulled out, leaving the host country (Pakistan) in isolation.

This decision is one of the many key moves in India’s Global Campaign to boycott Pakistan. Modi also reviewed crucial Indus water treaty which divides six rivers between India and Pakistan saying “blood and water can’t flow together.”
Officials have stated that India will use much more of its share of water.
Foreign minister Sushma Swaraj has also led India’s campaign against Pakistan at UN General Assembly, calling for the isolation of the nation that spread terror.





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