Everyday Phrases That We Indians Just Can’t Stay Without Using Even For A Day

Everyday Hindi Phrases That We Indians Just Can’t Stay Without Using Even For A Day

There is no more joy than be able to talk in our own desi language with comfort. And to be able to communicate our emotions in a particular style is what Desi Hindi is all about. Here is a list of some really funny desi words or phrases invented by Indians, to be used for everyday situations. Anyone who is a true desi at heart will relate to this.


A bell.
Soft way of saying, it’s BULLSHIT.
He: the professor wants the project report by tomorrow.
Me: ghanta!!

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Bhai Nahi Hai?

Dear stranger, you are my brother
Sweet way of exploiting anybody or asking for help.
200 Rupeeye de de yaar, Bhai nahi hai?

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 Phati Padi Hai

Torn (generally, your ass)
Used to express how shit scared someone is at the moment.
Aj result aane wala hai, phati padi hai yaar!

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 Setting Kara De

Asking for a favour
Used by someone who needs a huge favour from somebody, mostly illegal shit.
Bhai, wo teri dost bohot pasand hai mujhe, uske sath setting kara de.

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Tum Se Na Ho Paayega

You don’t have the ball to do it, fucker
Used for a coward person, to say that something is way out of their league.
Ek din me 10 campaigns, tum se na ho paega.

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 Thoda Adjust Kar Lo

Adjust even if there is no possibility
Mostly used in trains and buses by people who don’t want to buy tickets.
Sirf 5 log toh baithe hai, thoda adjust kar lo.

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A fix
Seeking for an out of the box fix because you have no balls for the real shit.
Coldplay ke concert ke paise nahi hai bhai, koi jugaad kara de.

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Unbelievable level of style that can even put actresses to shame.
Kapde vese Sarojini Nagar ke pehenti hai, par tashan toh dekho.

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Used to describe an extremely hot person.
Wo toh tere pados me jo item rehti hai, single hai kya?

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A platonic zone for guys
A zone where girls put those guys she doesn’t like and says ‘I don’t want to ruin our friendship’.
Her: I am not ready for a relationship right now, but you will always be my friend. (friend-zoned)

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Similar to friend-zone, only deadlier
A zone created by girls; when a guy likes a girl, but she treats him like her brother.
He: I love you.
She: I love you too, but only like a brother.

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Keh Ke Lena

Tell and take
Made popular by movie, Gangs of Wasseyppur; used by someone announcing his intent for revenge and in style.
Bhai pe haath uthaya, uski toh mai keh ke lunga.

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