Instagram Now Sends Notification To People When You Screenshot Their Pictures!

Instagram Notifies People When You Screenshot Their Pictures!

I am SO DOOMED! So this information should spread like a wild jungle fire – Instagram now sends a notification to its users when their followers screenshot their disappearing photos. HERE I REPEAT, THEY CAN NOW SEE WHEN YOU SCREENSHOT THEIR PHOTOS!!



Please excuse me for having this mini panic attack!

Earlier this week Instagram announced its ‘live’ feature. It announced live video and delete-upon-receipt photos and videos for direct group messages. Now, along with these new features, comes another ‘notification’ feature. So just like Snapchat, if someone DMs you a private disappearing picture and you screenshot it, so the sender will now be able to see that you’ve taken a picture of their picture. But let us all thank our stars that this feature applies only to disappearing photos and not to all the standard pictures which are posted on the App.


RIP Screenshots!








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