A YouTuber Got People To Drill A Hole In Their iPhone 7 & They Did It

A YouTuber Got People To Drill A Hole In Their iPhone 7 & They Really Did It

After Apple introduced the iPhone 7 without an audio jack, the buyers of the phone showed mixed reactions. While some were excited about the fantastically improved camera, many were disappointed by the missing audio jack. iPhone 7 is the first phone by Apple that does not have the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Recently, TechRax, a popular YouTuber decided to prank people who had bought the iPhone 7. He made a funny DIY video of how to drill a new headphone jack on the iPhone 7. The video went viral soon, probably for its innocuous content and how much people could relate to it. It has already received around 11 million views in just a week.

Now, most people above age 15 would understand that this is indeed a prank video, laugh at it and forget.

But there are some in the crowd who were dumb enough to be fooled by this, and ACTUALLY tried drilling a jack in their iPhones. Here’s how they expressed their doubts when the drilling did not turn out well.



Still unaware of the drama. 


Here’s how some expressed their horror. 


In spite of all, some got a few laughs. 


Others who lost all faith in intelligence. 


The video proved to be a disaster for so many, but we can’t stop laughing at how stupid can people be to believe in just anything they see on the Internet.




Puja Vishal

Staff Writer

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