Japanese Water Cake Are The New Thing On Twitter

Japanese Water Cake Is The New Thing On Twitter

A couple of years ago a jiggly-wiggly water cake was uploaded on social media. This time someone gave the new and adorable twist to it. This is what the ‘drop water cake’ looked like, when uploaded two years back”





Twitter user Mithiruka shared a pic of a clear water cake in the shape of a sleeping cat, and people are going crazy over it. The picture was uploaded on Sunday, and it has since gone viral with 23k likes and 19k retweets.
The cake has a delicate consistency and melts away in just 30 minutes. It, however, has a transparent appearance that literally makes it look like a huge drop of water held together by magic. Have a look at the cute sleeping cat water cake:





Impressed? Well, there’s another cake created by Mithiruka in the shape of a rose. Watch the jiggly creation here

We are seriously awed by this creation and hope that  Mithiruka will keep delighting us with his incredible desserts!!





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